PlaceWar is delighted to announce our partnership with Azuro

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2 min readDec 29, 2022


Nov 19, 2022 — 💣 Placewar is thrilled to announce our new partnership with Azuro, which addresses key pain points associated with centralized betting and blockchain prediction market. Getting the best of both worlds is finally possible.

About Azuro

Azuro utilizes smart contracts to build a decentralized betting protocol deploying an innovative solution for liquidity provision and allocation.

Azuro democratizes the betting business by breaking down the role of the traditional bookmaker into several smaller ones. Openly available for anyone to benefit from liquidity provision, front-end management, data provision via oracles, and decentralized (DAO) governance.

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About partnership

This collaboration intends to help both PlaceWar & Azuro in the hopes that both companies would eventually strike a practical improvement. Since long-time video game players often fantasize about their playing time being turned into money-making while they enjoy it.

About PlaceWar

💥 PlaceWar is a decentralized strategic play-to-earn game universe deployed on multi-chain with highly engaging artillery gameplay. It allows players to create and define the outlook of the in-game world through building, battles, and alliances. 💎

💣 PlaceWar creates a gamified and open Internet culture metaverse and puts users in control. You are guaranteed a gaming experience that you’ve never seen before in any other Play-To-Earn games. We integrate battle and creation, and we make sure there is an incentive mechanism to support them both. 🔥

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PlaceWar Official

PlaceWar is a gamified Internet culture metaverse — Play to Earn strategic artillery game ecosystem. Craft, Create, Conquest.