PlaceWar — A decentralized strategic play-to-earn game universe deployed on a multi-chain with highly engaging artillery gameplay

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8 min readOct 5, 2021

Have you ever thought about leaving your own legacy to a whole virtual world? Battle, create, and you become a part of the Internet culture history in PlaceWar!

An introduction to PlaceWar

What is PlaceWar?

PlaceWar is a decentralized strategic play-to-earn game universe deployed on a multi-chain with highly engaging artillery gameplay that allows players to create and define the outlook of the in-game world through building, battles, and alliances.

Inspired by Worm and r/place, PlaceWar creates a gamified and open Internet culture metaverse and puts users in control. You are guaranteed a gaming experience that you’ve never seen before in any other Play-To-Earn games. We integrate battle and creation, and we make sure there is an incentive mechanism to support them both.

Blockchain Network: BSC + Polygon + Conflux

PVE Skirmish

The Dilemma of Play to Earn

As one of the first scholarship program operators in the Philippines for Play-to-Earn games, we realized that there are major flaws in Play to earn games design:

1. Lack of gameplay: core gameplay mechanism is repetitive and causes alienation of the game itself: it’s more like a job, rather than a game

2. Lack of social bond: players are not effectively interacting with each other but with the smart contract. Loyalty to the branding of a game is very low

3. Lack of infrastructure choice: Users are usually stuck with one blockchain infrastructure without being able to choose another with better user experience or NFT marketplace

4. Incomplete in-game economy: No good stimulus for spending and diversification in economic roles of players

Our Solution

At PlaceWar, we design the game in such a way to tackle this problem:

1. Empower players to input UGC and shape how the game looks.

2. Diversify P2E mechanism to enable diversity in players.

3. Bind the UGC creation feature with core gameplay features like battle and P2E mechanism to boost interaction between players.

PlaceWar Game Features

NFT System

The PlaceWar has 6 NFT categories: Tank, Equipment, Tech, Pixel, Building, Defender.

Tank: To get started, a user will have to obtain at least 3 Tanks, which can be obtained through Marketplace as NFTs. There are 5 types of tanks: Medieval, Heavy Armor, Rocket Launcher, Mech Tank, and Amphibious.

Tech NFT: Technology, which determines the features of a new tank in crafting and success rate in minting equipment NFTs. You can only obtain Tech NFT through battles.

Tank Crafting: The way to get new tanks. To craft a new tank, it takes 2 Tanks as the Sample Tank, a blueprint, Tech NFTs (obtained through battles), $PLACE, and $GEAR. Each new tank is algorithm generated and would have a parameter of 5 features: Damage, Range, Mobility, Defense, and Dodge Rate. The features of new Tanks are randomized based on Sample Tanks and Tech NFTs.

Equipment NFTs: Stats of a Tank can be improved by arming with Equipment NFTs: Turret, Barrel, Engine, Armor, and Tracks. Equipment NFTs can be minted from resources( non-NFT). Fail rate controlled by Tech NFT.

Pixel: The land of Placedonia players can own, choose a color to represent the pixel on the world map, construct buildings on, and put defenders to defend (Details available in Pixel System ).

Building NFTs: productive facilities that produce certain types of resources, Buff adder to tanks, or vendor shops that can sell resources.

Defenders: Defenders are the auto-defending drones of a Pixel. These defenders are NPCs so they can respond in an invasion battle automatically 24/7. Every defender is owned by the player as an NFT and the maximum deployable number of defenders is 3. If no defenders are deployed, the invaders will win instantly.

Battle System

Battle System provides a quickstart for players to participate in tank battles. Players will need 3 Tank NFTs to start a battle.

The core gameplay is close to Worm or Crazy Tanks. Players will take turns to shoot at the opponents by making moves, adjusting the shooting angle and power. The goal is to eliminate all enemies while at least one of your Tanks remains standing.

There will be 3 Battle Modes (Participate without Pixel System):

  • PVE Skirmish
  • PVP Battlefront
  • Guild War

PVE Skirmish: Players will take on bosses called Pegatron, a rogue mecha tribe, with a 3-tank squad. Each tank will take turns to launch attacks on the bosses, and will have to sustain the attacks by the boss. You need to defeat the bosses and at least one tank needs to survive. Reward: $PLACE, $GEAR, consumables, Tech NFTs, Equipment NFTs.

PVP Battlefront: players are matched randomly with other players in a 3 V 3 tank battle. The mission is to eliminate all enemy tanks with at least one own tank surviving.

Players will take turns to shoot. Each turn a player moves a tank and shoots the enemy tanks. Shooting angle, wind direction, and shooting power will determine the hit and damage. A player can use items to assist battle by adding Buffs or Debuffs on enemy tanks.

Guild War: A 10 VS 10 PVP arena that can be initiated by any player. To join a Guild War, players need to put a wager of a certain amount of $GEAR or $PLACE which can be withdrawn at any time before the battle starts. The battle mode will be exactly the same turn-based artillery shooting but for 10 tanks on each side (1 tank on each player). The goal is to have at least one tank surviving while eliminating all enemy tanks. The winning side can share all deposited amounts evenly with a small arena fee to the PlaceDAO.

Pixel System

Pixel System creates the massive canvas world of Placedonia that allows players to create their own paintings by invading other Pixels. In short, it’s our land system.

Pixel is the smallest unit of the fantasy continent Placedonia land. Each one is an ownable NFT. The owner of a Pixel is entitled to changing the color representing a Pixel on Placedonia World Map, constructing Buildings, and the privilege to harvest the resources or tokens randomly spawning in the Pixel. Pixels have a rarity level: C (common), R(rare), E(epic), L(legendary), which determines their distance from the map center, categories of resources that can spawn, and types of buildings that can be constructed.

Your home base on the top of Pixel

- Choose A Color: Choose a color that represents your Pixel on the world map as Step 1 of creating your painting.

- Collect Resources: Collect resources or even $PLACE spawning randomly in the Pixel.

- Construction: Construct buildings and other facilities to get Buffs or extra resources production.

- Pegatron Skirmish: Defeat roaming rogue drone, Pegatron, and loot treasures.

- Conquest Mode: Invade other Pixels to force change color and loot resources, or build defenders to defend your Pixel.


The Leaderboard is a system that ranks players in the game based on their achievements. Leaderboards help increase competitiveness among players and create exciting challenges, forcing them to work hard to overcome.

  • Victory Leaderboard: Rank players based on the number of PVP wins
  • Guild Leaderboard: Rank players based on the number of Guild War wins
  • Punter Leaderboard: Rank players based on the amount won in Punter Room
  • Conquest Point Leaderboard: Rank players based on the number of Conquest Points


  • PlaceDAO is the decentralized governance body of PlaceWar. As creating paintings of significant size requires collaboration, PlaceWar inherently has a social DNA which will empower PlaceDAO to become a chamber for players to make alliances or declare wars. Players initiate proposals and vote on them through a CRV-like quadratic voting mechanism, which requires players to lock up their $PLACE for a period of time in exchange for voting power.
  • DAO Treasury: In order to create a viable gaming community, a part of $PLACE from the Ecosystem Fund and Play-to-earn program will be injected into the PlaceDAO treasury. A part of the game token economics will be integrated into DAO voting:

- Winners of Creator Reward of every season

- Adoption of new tank designs by users

- Punter Room limit

and so on.

In the future, fees generated in PlaceWar will be placed in PlaceDAO Treasury governed by community members.

Team & Partner

PlaceWar Team consists of both experienced and passionate game and blockchain developers, and community & marketing experts. We first have the community and hear their voice before we started designing the game

The founding team consists of the following individuals:

  • Myrtle Anne — Co-Founder: Myrtle Anne is the Founder and CEO of Block Tides, an award-winning PR firm based in Singapore (Marketing, Growth Hacking, Sales, Social Media Management), partner of MetaGamingGuild (MGG). Myrtle is also an official KOL of Coinmarketcap.
  • Ken Nizam — Chief Marketing Officer: Ken Nizam is the head of marketing and operation. Ken has experience leading the marketing team networks with content management, marketing growth, youtube, etc, facilitating Kol's direction. His responsibilities also include networking with other projects and liaising with them for PlaceWar
  • Ajay Chan — Lead Developer: Chun (Aka. Ajay) Chan is the CTO of PlaceWar. He is a seasoned developer with over 10 years of experience in game development working for top studios in China, Singapore, and Taiwan. He is leading the Mega Game Studio in Taiwan/Philipines and has been in charge of the development of many successful mobile games which made it to the top 10 in Appstore/ Android store, including Legion Mania, Little Empires. Ajay’s work was also endorsed by Google Editor’s Choice.
  • Morris Ramos — Chief Product Officer: Morris Ramos is the CPO of PlaceWar. Despite being young, Morris has a talent for blockchain game design. The University of The East. Game architect in Mega Game Studio, he developed blockchain minigames on EOS, Tron, and Thundercore.
  • Leo Liu — Blockchain Advisor: Leo Liu is one of our key advisors who is involved in our development, marketing, and fundraising. Leo is the co-founder of, a GameFi pioneer project with strong communities across South East Asia. He offers previous insights in GameFi development and tokenomics, and shared his extensive connections in Vietnam. Leo is also an advisor of Gamestarter, and Pixel Pix.


  • GameOn Submit Pitch Competition Top 10 Finalist
  • Conflux Network L1 Grant
  • BoringDAO NFT Bridge Ecosystem Project


Q2 2021: Project genesis and initial design

  • Project Genesis
  • Game plot design
  • Economy Design

Q3 2021: Artworks and VI Design

  • VI design
  • Character drafting
  • Seed Sale

Q4 2021: Testnet & Mainnet Launch

  • Private Sale
  • Launch Public Sale
  • Testnet Demo
  • Mainnet PVE
  • NFT Sales

Q1 2022: Pixel System Launch & Multichain

  • Pixel System Launch
  • PVP
  • Communication Module
  • Multichain Deployment
  • NFT Bridge

We’re thrilled to drop, deploy, and fight with our tanks with everyone!

Let’s have fun in our world, Placedonia!

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War is coming. 🔥

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PlaceWar Official

PlaceWar is a gamified Internet culture metaverse — Play to Earn strategic artillery game ecosystem. Craft, Create, Conquest.