$50,000 USD Worth of PlaceWar’s NFT Tank Drop x CoinMarketCap

December 1, 2021 — PlaceWar’s launch of the $PLACE token and DEMO launch was a massive success! As we prepare and celebrate the upcoming V1 launch, we want to host an extended special competition and giveaway along with CoinMarketcap to highlight the talented artists, creators, and crypto enthusiasts in our community. 👏🏻

$50,000 USD Worth of PlaceWar’s NFT Tank Drop

1 — Add PlaceWar — Add PlaceWar to your Metaverse CoinMarketCap watchlist: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/placewar/

2 — Follow PlaceWar’s official Twitter account: https://twitter.com/placewar_game

3 — Follow Co-Founder of PlaceWar’s Twitter account: https://twitter.com/myrtleology

4 — Join PlaceWar’s Discord: discord.gg/FCd53DBCjw

5 — Like and retweet PlaceWar’s Tweet, pinned on Twitter: https://twitter.com/placewar_game/status/1465209186711572486?s=20 and tag at least 3 of your friends while using the hashtags #PlaceWar #Metaverse #NFTGame

6 — Join PlaceWar’s Official Telegram group: https://t.me/placewar

7 — Join PlaceWar’s Official Announcement channel: https://t.me/placewarANN

8 — Follow PlaceWar’s Medium account: https://placewar.medium.com/ (Optional)

9 — Follow PlaceWar’s TikTok — https://www.tiktok.com/@placewar


Optional tasks for additional points:

Option 1:

🎮 Step 1: Play PlaceWar https://linktr.ee/placewar

🎥 Step 2: Record game (Use a screen recorder)

🐥 Step 3: Tweet and Upload the recorded clip. (Flex your PlaceWar’s tanks best shot and angle gameplay on your Twitter and tag 3 friends or known people in the Blockchain & Crypto space)

Detailed prize: Top 600 winners who have completed all required tasks will receive 600 NFT tanks for each person

Option 2: Create a meme for PlaceWar using its NFT Tanks (You can get the media kit here: )

Share the meme file on your Twitter account, tag @placewar_game with at least two other friends and use hashtag #PlaceWar, #NFTGame and #Metaverse. Also, share the meme on PlaceWar’s Telegram group @placewar

Option 3: Create a doodle/drawing using PlaceWar’s tanks (You can see the samples on PlaceWar’s website https://placewar.io)

Share the meme file on your Twitter account, tag @placewar_game with at least two other friends, and use hashtag #PlaceWar, #NFTGame, and #Metaverse. Also, share the meme on PlaceWar’s Telegram group

About PlaceWar

PlaceWar is a decentralized strategic play-to-earn game universe deployed on a multi-chain with highly engaging artillery gameplay that allows players to create and define the outlook of the in-game world through building, battles, and alliances.

Inspired by Worm and r/place, PlaceWar creates a gamified and open Internet culture metaverse and puts users in control. You are guaranteed a gaming experience that you’ve never seen before in any other Play-To-Earn games. We integrate battle and creation, and we make sure there is an incentive mechanism to support them both.

Website: https://placewar.io/

LinkTree: https://linktr.ee/placewar

Wiki: https://wiki.placewar.io/

Discord: https://discord.gg/FCd53DBCjw

Twitter: https://twitter.com/placewar_game

Telegram: https://t.me/placewar

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/placewargame



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